Gender roles & Christianity: the greatest rule to roles is love.

Men,Is the kitchen a woman’s place alone? I wish I would take a microphone and pose this question to my African brothers and hear them answer.

The proverbs 31 woman has elicited debate. With many arguing that a Christian woman should submit to their husband and that the proverb 31 woman is a role model to women.

I am a Christian who loves reading the bible. However, it hurts me to see men misinterpret and misquote the bible just to suit their misguided ways.Not all men!

A real christian man, who loves God understands that it’s not only a woman who should submit but also the man, for the bible talks about LOVE being the greatest commandment.

Which true christian man would allow gender roles come between the Love he has for his wife? A true christian man will do what he can, to make his wife feel loved and cared for, while a true christian woman also do all her best to make her husband feel loved. Cooking won’t make you less of a man or make you have two legs other than three.

So the bible does not in anyway advocate for the enslavement of women.A woman is a human being just like a man, who has feelings and emotions. A woman can feel like not cooking. A woman has a right to her feeling. She is entitled to her feelings and emotions .

A true christian man also understands that the only thing that he and her wife are striving for is heaven. The rest  are just things he wouldn’t take as important. For the kingdom of God is more important than his ego.

When a man loves and cares for her wife,his hard work is reflected in her.A man is usually known for his hard work . The woman will be the man’s mirror.

So the only way the bible talks about gender roles is through Love. It is the greatest commandment that God gave. It is the greatest commandment in marriage and all relationships also. Love!

There are no roles but equality in love❤️and love between eaua


Have mercy on me, O God, according to your unfailing love; according to your great compassion blot out my transgressions. Wash away all my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin.
Psalm 51:1-2

Evening prayer.

God the father,God the son and God the holy spirit,holy Trinity,one God. We praise you and glorify you lord.You are worthy, Mighty and Holy. You are the king of kings! Receive our praises.We thank you for this evening. We thank you for the blessings you have granted unto us and more so for the gift of life. We ask you to have mercy on us and our ungrateful hearts.Forgive our sins saviour. Forgive the sins we have committed against ourselves,our neighbor or you God.Pardon and have mercy on us. Thank you Jesus.Praise you Jesus.

Sex science: Girls why preserve it? and men why let your guard down?

So, this is it girls and boys, activation to no point of return.
There is sth you don’t expect the bible to write about, atleast not directly. It will only talk about don’t fornicate, adultery is a sin and so on. My opinion is that the writers of the bible that time, were so afraid to be erotic and afraid if they wrote about it as it was they would do the very same thing they were avoiding to do.They were avoiding  being explicit and erotic and so they dint know of other ways to teach people about it without being sounding like they are encouraging it; so imagine teaching people sex in a holy way! I’m sure I also don’t sound holy as I write.And if they had written it in the bible. Would it have been recommendable to children?…confusing?!!! I know…I beg you to hear me out on this… Don’t judge! Just try to understand my words ..

So you are told to preserve your cookie until they put a ring on it? Don’t feel bad. It’s a nice thing. Men also, you are told not to let your guard down until the right woman shows up?Well, perfect! Hope you don’t…sounds stupid to the ears of so many of us in this generation. To some ,guilt creeps in the moment we hear this kind of words and topics. No one wants to talk about it because it feels dirty and deep within our conscious we wish we had been more careful,not all of us who regret things. Some had clear conscience. Some consented to it.
And some, esp girl’s are just victims who carry a cross they are not supposed to and they keep on having sex with the wrong people because of what was done to them and how it makes them feel. Used. “When a woman is destroyed, it’s not a woman question But a human question”.

When a girl is born,she is born with the female sexual organs. When a boy is born and He too is birthed with his reproductive organs. This organs have a purpose. But do they serve their purpose right after a child is born? No..This organs are guarded until a certain age.What’s that age? Every human being grows in stages. And each stage has it’s purpose.So every gender is called to guard their  own private parts until it’s time for activation and that’s when your sexual organs should be aroused by the right person.All that comes as a preparation for the new task and to serve a purpose which is responsibily for the 😊 babies that you will be entrusted with.

Human beings are sexual beings. Sexual beings have sexual organs. Sexual organs can be activated but deactivating them is hard . That’s why when the creator brought the human being here on earth ,he established a law ,first ,in our hearts. So our human body is created in a way that as long as you have not experienced sex ,either in the mind, physically, orally then you won’t have a burning desire to have it. You are able to guard yourself better from the temptation. It is experienced in the mind through the watching or reading of explicit , arousing materials. That’s why history can prove that with more exposure to this materials,their was an increase also in birth of children out of wedlock , abortions, contraceptives etc.A study I conducted a few months ago has helped me understand that people exposed to adult content, explicit materials are more likely to engage in sexual activities earlier in life than those who were not. Say for example in highschool exposure to erotic novels.Also a man who has not experienced it in the mind or in real life will be aroused by the first woman she touches and this because that’s how a human body is created because a woman’s body  naturally attracts a man. He will be naturally drawn to her for she will be the first woman she has ever seen that way.

However, No one can control people.God also gave us free will.The body can only be controlled by the spirit. So if one is not in the spirit; it’s same as a walking corpse! The spirit is dead. Whatever they do is not them but the spirit in them.But if the spirit of God is in you ,you develop self control.The spirit helps you to control your mind,eyes,ears. What you see and hear goes to your mind.When your mind is pure and so is your body.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting sex. There’s also nothing wrong with the number of times you have it but the number of people you have sex with? God’s purpose was for you to commit to one person and commit till death. The person was supposed to be the first one to trigger your sex desire.

I’m still learning to use this amazing app I apologize for any errors. Grammatical errors I keep correcting them once I notice them…thank you let’s pray especially for God to purify our minds and every other part of our being .Amen.